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Market maker with a guaranteed return in digital currencies

Spacefex Finance is a limited partnership fund (LPF) that provides liquidity for ten major crypto exchanges.

We offer up to 24% APY.

How it works

  1. CEX and DEX exchanges attract liquidity providers to give more trading instruments to clients.

  2. External capital managed by Spacefex Finance provides trading platforms with the necessary reduction in volatility.

    Spacefex Finance represents an intermediary between the top 10 major CEX/DEX platforms and an individual investor.

  3. In exchange, investors receive commissions both monthly and quarterly.

Investment Opportunities

Investors can use liquid stablecoins for deposits, such as Tether, BUSD, and others. Stablecoins have a constant exchange rate pegged to an equal amount of a corresponding FIAT currency (for example, 1 USDT = 1 US Dollar).

In addition, investors can deposit funds in currencies with fluctuating rates, such as BTC, BNB, and ETH, to multiply those assets directly

In both cases, external capital is exempt from market risk.


Only professional, accredited investors may apply. The application process consists of several steps:

  • Investors fill in application forms
    and pass the Due Diligence Check.

  • Investors become limited partners of Spacefex Finance by signing relevant subscription documents. They transfer their funds on a specified date to Spacefex Finance using their electronic wallet.

  • Capital lifecycle

    • Spacefex Finance transfers funds to CEX/DEX platform on a due date via a Smart Contract.

    • Each month or quarter, the CEX/DEX platform transfers monthly or quarterly returns to Spacefex Finance, which distributes them to each investor.

    • After the lockdown period ends, investors can keep their investment for the desired term. Upon receipt of redemption, Spacefex Finance returns the amount to the investor’s Electronic Wallet within one month.